Air purifier for cafes, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs (CHRN)

What are the indoor air quality issues encountered by CHRD?

Many pollutants can affect the quality of indoor air, whether they are of natural origin (pollens, radon, microorganisms…), present in everyday products (VOCs, endocrine disruptors, formaldehydes…) or emitted by human activity (carbon monoxide).

As with all enclosed areas, especially those receiving public services, establishments in the hotel and restaurant sector face these risks. They are also likely to be particularly concerned by air quality issues directly related to their activity:

– Pollutants emitted by combustion sources

– Odours from kitchens and sanitary facilities

– Chemical residues from cleaning products

– Risks of airborne contamination, multiplied by the concentration of people and their activities (eating, drinking, speaking, singing, dancing…)

Why equip your establishment with Ikibox air purifiers?

Indoor air quality is a major public health issue today. In particular, legislation requires many institutions with a minor audience to implement IAQ surveillance.

Indoor air cleanup has also become a preferred solution to address the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Effective against microbes and viruses, Ikibox purifiers help to drastically limit the risk of contamination, both for customers and employees.

Finally, our innovative air purifiers have been approved by professionals in your sector and several establishments are already equipped with them (see below).

These French customers have chosen Ikibox air handling solutions...

Les Sorinières

Alter Egos

Bar à bières et vins.

Le Molière

Bar brasserie devenu une institution à Nantes .

Le Marceau

Brasserie et bar ambiance.

La cave de la porte sud

Cave à vins, spiritueux, bières et épicerie fine.

La Casa Nostra

Restaurant italien au cœur du quartier Graslin.

Le Corneille

Bar musical atypique et emblématique.

Chez Franklin

Restaurant de produits frais et régionaux.
Les Sables d'olonne

Le Pendule

Crêperie située sur le remblai des Sables d'Olonne.
Les Sables d'olonne


Restaurant plage à St Tropez, Plages de Pampelonne.

... and are delighted with it.

Our partners in the CHRN sector

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A unique technology

Ikibox air scrubbers use revolutionary technology to clean up ambient air, developed in partnership with French and European laboratories, and are of medical quality. Based on the principle of advanced plasma-catalysis oxidation, it acts on molecules and eliminates all pollutants and contaminants in order to restore the original purity of the air.

In particular, Ikibox solutions enable establishments receiving the public to drastically limit the risk of bacterial and virus proliferation. Their use in confined spaces thus reduces the risk of airborne contamination by 50 to 70% (Study IAQ 2012) as well as the impact of chemical pollutants and other endocrine disruptors.

Purificateur d'air Ikibox 120

Ikibox range

Ikibox Companion

Ikibox Companion

THE air quality tester
that you need
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Iki One

Iki One

THE solution against
malodors in confined
Read more

Ikibox 120

Ikibox 120

The stand-alone air
purifier suitable for
surfaces from 10 to 45 m²
Read more

Ikibox 250

Ikibox 250

THE versatile air
purifier suitable for
spaces from 45 to 100 m²
Read more

Ikibox 1000

Ikibox 1000

The most powerful
indoor air purifier for
large spaces (>400 m²)
Read more

Clean up 99,9999 % of indoor air in 10 minutes

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