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The newest addition to our range! Ikibox Companion is THE air quality detector for you.
This small device measures indoor air quality in public, commercial and residential buildings.

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20€ excl. tax/month

Our rental contracts include a biennial physical maintenance, and if necessary the change of wear parts. As micro-organisms are constantly evolving, we are responsible for any necessary updates at the anniversary date.

Create healthier spaces through advanced air quality monitoring and analysis

When we think of “air quality”, we tend to think of pollution outside our homes. However, the most polluted air we breathe is inside.

Dust, formaldehyde, VOCs, invisible elements and fine particles inside our homes and offices can cause short- and long-term health problems.

Since people spend more than 80% of their time indoors, indoor air quality measurement and control should be a top priority.

More and more research is showing a link between COVID-19 cases and low humidity and/or or high levels of pollution. In addition, high CO2 concentrations are linked to viral infections. The higher the proportion of CO2, the greater the proportion of air that has been exhaled several times, thus increasing the risk of cross-contamination.

The concentration of CO2 is a sort of measure indirect exposure to viral aerosols.

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Connected Multifunction Air Quality Monitor

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Ikibox Companion accurately and dynamically indicates all essential data on your indoor air quality and provides you with an alert as soon as dangerous levels are reached.

Ikibox Companion will detect:

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that has a significant impact on global warming. From a certain concentration in air, this gas is dangerous or even fatal. Exposure Limit Value (OEL): 1660 ppm = 3g/m3 of air

They gather thousands of hydrocarbon-like compounds, solvents, … and cause olfactory discomfort, carcinogenic effects, various irritations and a decrease in respiratory capacity.

These are fine solid particles carried by water or solids and/or liquids poured by air. Fine particulate matter is classified as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization. OEL: PM10 < µg/m3 and PM2.5 < 25µg/m3.

The temperature must be controlled in the habitat. Excess temperature will dry the air and make breathing difficult. Excess temperature also promotes germ development. Recommended temperature between 18°C and 30°C.

The humidity is modified by human activity. Too much moisture in the house will promote the creation of molds and therefore pollute the air. The recommended relative humidity (RH) is between 30% and 70%.

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