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Our purification solutions are used in these sectors: 

A purified air in places of relaxation.
When the customer relationship is at the heart of the business model, every effort must be made to offer the best possible reception.

Ikibox purifiers offer the double advantage of clean and healthy air, allowing service companies to guarantee their users excellent conditions, free of pollutants and bad odours.

In the tertiary sector, many actors have to ensure good air quality inside their buildings. This is particularly the case for these different sectors:

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Relaxation and carefree throughout your meals

Some food smells can be unpleasant to table neighbors in large or small restaurants and can sometimes lead to heartbreak or starvation.

Integrating one or more purifiers from our Ikibox range in the common rooms of the restaurants eliminates the odors of the neighboring dishes and to satisfy oneself in peace.

iki one purificateur air toilettes sanitaires restaurant

Elimination of odours in sanitary facilities

Customer case: Autogrill is the world leader in catering for travellers. The Italian company, listed on the stock exchange, was founded in 1928 and is based on a network of 4,500 points of sale in 28 countries, mainly in airports and train stations and motorway areas. The group welcomes 800 million customers each year.

Autogrill was looking for an innovative and efficient solution to treat health-related odours in an environmentally friendly way and without the use of chemicals.

The group has set up an Iki One purifier per toilet cabin to clean the air of its bad smells.  More than 100 sanitary facilities on five motorway areas have already been equipped (24 at the Villeroy area, 25 at the Jardin des arbres area, 17 at the Jura area, 24 at the Centre de la France area and 27 at the Montélimar area).

Other fields of application

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