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Micro organisms

Ikibox purifiers are particularly effective against microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria or viruses.

In particular, they are effective in limiting the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and moulds in places subject to this risk, such as medical establishments or agri-food industries.

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The virus is one of the smallest existing microorganisms.  It is not composed of a cell, but a protein shell – the capsid – that contains its DNA or RNA.

To reproduce, viruses must invade a host cell: this is called infection.  Depending on the host cell, the virus will evolve and take on additional characteristics.

To move, viruses pass through aerosols and particles containing water and micro-organisms such as bacteria.  They travel very easily in the air. If they do not have cellular support, they die or become latent.  The lifespan of a virus in the air can range from a few minutes to 48 hours.

Viruses are a part of our daily lives. They are probably the source of life, as are bacteria, moulds and fungi. Today, the number of viruses on Earth is estimated at 10E31 and we only know 10,000. We breathe about 200,000 per minute.

purification de air en milieu medical contre bacteries


Bacteria are living microorganisms that have contributed to the emergence of all life forms on Earth. They allowed the carbon cycle to be established, but also the nitrogen to be fixed in the atmosphere.  We find them in all living things.

Some play a protective role: they are our first shield against external aggressions and they ensure our energy supply through the pre-degradation of food. However, in too large a quantity, they can become harmful.

The longevity and multiplication of bacteria vary greatly depending on their environment.  They can survive as long as there is a supply of nutrients including H20, CO2 and ambient temperatures.  We find them in the air, water and soil.

They are disseminated by the aqueous phases of air or water, by multiplication and by contact if the host fulfils the reception conditions.

10E12 colonize our skin;
10E10 colonize our mouth;
10E14 colonize our intestine.

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purification air endroits humides et chauds

Extreme humidity

Moulds (or fungi, or yeasts) are the most common microorganisms in our daily lives. They are spores that develop in humid and warm areas and on several types of surfaces: wood, insulation materials, ceiling tiles, cardboard, paper and fabrics…

They are responsible for breathing difficulties (asthma or allergic reactions), eye, nose or throat irritation, and cause cough and mucus. Wheezing and shortness of breath are apparent symptoms.

Discovered and used since antiquity for their ability to degrade, mould is found in beer, bread, etc. They played an important role in the appearance and construction of life on earth.  Some moulds live in symbiosis with our system and help us digest and regulate our intestinal and body biotope.

Others are dangerous and secrete mycotoxins. Some spores are allergenic: Aspergillus, for example, can have a serious impact on our health. In this case, most of the attacks are by airborne airways.

They are present in air, water and soil in active or spore form. They multiply by forming colonies, carried by air during the phases of sporulations.

They multiply in environments conducive to temperature, nutrient support and water. Water aerosols promote the movement and proliferation of mould. But if the gaseous and aqueous phases of the air are perfectly cleaned, the proliferation is stopped.

Only so-called plasma catalysis technologies, such as Ikibox, are capable of destroying pollutants and contaminants from both phases without altering the equilibrium of the phases or leaving toxic by-products.

Clean up 99,9999 % of indoor air in 10 minutes

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