Ikibox 1000

Purificateur d'air Ikibox 1000
It's the heavyweight in our range! The Ikibox 1000 is the most powerful indoor air purifier designed for large spaces (up to 400 m²).
The guarantee of clean air for your customers and employees.

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349€ excl. tax/month

Our rental offers includes annual maintenance and consumable parts replacement if necessary. Updated annual datas against bacterias/viruses migration are also included.​

A practical and efficient air purifier

This powerful air purifier is perfect for very large volumes such as hangars, supermarkets, industrial buildings… With an air filtration capacity of 400 to 1000 m3 per hour, it can be used in spaces up to 400 m² per device.

Thanks to its technology, the Ikibox 1000 is unique in the world. This device can remove 99.9999% of indoor air in just 10 minutes. In the same way as our other devices, it is effective against harmful substances such as chemical pollutants and fine particles (PM2.5-10), as well as microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and moulds.

Robust and waterproof, this air purifier works without filters, generates no residues and requires only maintenance every two years. Its quality is certified by Afnor, the French Association for Standardization (standard B44A).

Technical data sheet

purificateur air ikibox 1000 usine savencia 1

Two Ikibox 1000 on the Savencia production line

The fourth largest cheese group in the world, Savencia takes care of the quality of its products. In order to prevent the flavours from mixing, the company has installed two Ikibox 1000 in the cheese cutting lines.

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