Iki One

Purificateur d'air Iki One
Compact and efficient, the Iki One is THE solution against bad smells in confined spaces.
This purifier destroys 100% of odours and acts on air contamination for volumes ranging from 1 to 5 m³.

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29€ excl. tax/month

Our rental contracts include a biennial physical maintenance, and if necessary the change of wear parts. As micro-organisms are constantly evolving, we are responsible for any necessary updates at the anniversary date.

An air purifier for small spaces

Iki One is our smallest appliance and is suitable for confined spaces (up to 4 m²) such as sanitary facilities, fitting rooms, vehicles, animal litter…

Capable of destroying 100% of bad odors, it leaves no chemical residue, unlike deodorants and fragrance diffusers (which cover odors but add pollutants).

The powerful Iki One air purifier can process 10 m3 of air per hour and acts on pollutants in the atmosphere. It is thus able to eliminate 99,999% of microorganisms (microbes, bacteria, viruses) and prevents the development of fungi and moulds caused by moisture.

Technical data sheet

purificateur d'air toilettes

Hundreds of Iki One at Autogrill​

The Italian restaurant chain Autogrill has chosen Iki One air purifiers to equip its washrooms in a dozen motorway service areas in France.

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