Ikibox on BFM TV: “Today, poor air quality is causing more death than poor water quality.”


Firas Esreb, Ikibox’s founder, was the guest of BFM TV on July 24, 2019. He highlighted the importance of a good indoor air quality and presented a revolutionary technology that made our air purifier the first solution to clean up the air.

Ikibox air purifiers allow us to “give a break to our immune defenses”, explains Firas Esreb in BFM Business TV show “Objectif Croissance”. Indeed, we spend about 80% of our time inside buildings, and the air we breathe in is up to 90 times more polluted than outside! 

Viruses, endocrine disruptors, allergens… this type of indoor air pollution develops immunosuppression and is causing many pathologies. “WHO shows that since 2015, poor air quality is causing more death than poor water quality” says Firas Esreb. 

Innovative technology to help the human body to defend itself

To illustrate his point, the Ikibox’s founder takes for example the table on BFM TV’s set. “This table is made of plastic. This plastic will release endocrine disruptors for 5 to 10 years! The most important thing is to prevent and  to help human body to defend itself.

Ikibox air purifiers clean up the air in less than 10 minutes, and are sustainable over time because they almost require no maintenance. Their quality has been “approved in France and Switzerland by major laboratories with which we have developed innovative testing procedures that are now accessible to all the stakeholders,” says Firas Esreb. “With Ikibox, we are trying to create a norm for air purification devices.”

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